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5 Oct - Stacy G - The class was very informative, the instructor did a great job at adding his experience and making the power point relatable.  Sean G - The great course! I really enjoyed how you explained the slides in real life situations. You made the entire course fun and interesting. Randal R - John exhibited tremendous knowledge of firearms & firearm safety, not only did he articulate the various aspects of state law but I drew on his vast knowledge as a Marine to share many anecdotes with his experience with firearms. His sense of humor kept the class very lighthearted despite the seriousness of the subject. This was an excellent course. I will highly recommend John Roskosky.

26 Aug- - Great class that I feel confident prepared me for being an LTC. John kept my attention and engaged in the class.

10 Aug - Cody C - Very knowledgable of the laws, able to answer questions in a manner everyone understood, never has a problem stopping the class to help with understanding a question or law. - Jennifer C - The class was very informative and we learned a lot of new information. The information was through and well explained.

3 Aug - Robert S - Great class, I came in today having never used a handgun. Felt completely comfortable at the range, confidant I had learned how to safely use it. John kept my interest the entire class and made sure I understood.  Am looking forward to my LTC class with him next month.

20 July - Bobby K -I would recommend this course to anyone of legal age. John R is an easy instructor to understand and grasp. The environment was quiet and comfortable to learn in, and range time was peaceful.

22 June - Paul P - Great course, recommend highly!

8 June- Cynthia L - Enjoyed the course, I think it gave me everything I need to get my LTC. Mr. Roskosky was extremely patient with me and I appreciate it. My gun kept jamming and that made me very upset  He was great!

1 June - John L - Good instructor, well trained at the range. Dalton C - Greatly enjoyed the course, Instructor was clear, concise and pertinent. Questions answered promptly and thoroughly. Excellent training class from top to bottom. -Steve W- John is very knowledgeable and helped me  a lot, answered all questions. Pleasant class!

19 May - Billie S - I was very pleased with the professionalship an courtesy of the instructor.  His explanation of all the facet of the course were excellent.

6 April - John P - Great experience and will send people your way. Thank You!  Tammy P - Great class, thank you. Maybe add some more videos.

23 Mar- Leeland C - Very informative and great presentation. Don C - Perfect class, thanks!!

2 Mar- Bob T - Overall a nice course, the instructor was very knowledgeable and prepared, could use more breaks. Tim T - Enjoyed the class, informative, well paced, a break or two would be good. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor, Hand gun confidence level greatly increased.

1 Mar- BASIC pistol- Tim T Small class with good attention from the instructor, learned many good pints, well worth it

9 Feb - Charles D - Excellent course, it was very informative. He is a very knowledgeable instructor and keeps the class interesting.

19 Jan - Ricardo F - Great course!! Instructor made the course fun and managed time very well with all the information we covered. Practice session was very helpful. Very effective on the Power Point slides.

12 Jan - John F - Class was very informative and professionally run. Instructor was very learned about all aspects of the training, The shooting session was fun and laid back and not over powering. Very delightful experience. Joe C - Great class very informative, was made aware of several laws that I was not aware of. John took his time and discussed each topic well. Will certainly recommend John's class to others.

5 Jan - Elizabeth V - Very informative, knows what he is talking about. Will recommend to others .Rebecca T - Very good course, Mr. John was very through on the teaching, very helpful. I will definitely suggest him and his LTC class to people.

21 Dec - Tia M - Great teacher, easy to work with and loved that he knows guns.  He taught me things I never heard of that people need to hear.  Also I am grateful to work with a Marine--Thank you!!!!!A+++

15 Dec - Ted M - The class was great, I learned a lot of laws I didn't know about. My instructor answered all my questions. He was very helpful and easy to understand his instructions..I would definitely recommend John A Roskosky for all who are looking to get your LTC license. Thank you John!

1 Dec - Amber H -I thought the course was really good. I really liked that no matter the amount who signed up for the class there was still class. Very good useful information. Josh H - Make no changes, It was a great class, Learned a lot. Thank you for the experience.

16 Nov -  Rick B - Great class! Very knowledgeable instructor, great practical examples to compare to laws.

13 Oct - Calvin B - Great relaxed teaching style, small class with loads of personal instruction.  Goals were clear & covered methodically so class was complete and clear..

29 Sept - Basic class - Terell L - I like the course, it was informative, educational, and I learned some new things, I feel like this course has readied me for any future events where I might have to use a firearm

25 Aug - Larry G - John was very informative with the curriculum, what I liked most was that he was very down to earth and informal.  He has a way of explaining the laws and safety aspects that are easy to remember. I really enjoyed the class and did not know what to expect but am much more confident now with owning a gun and being able to protect myself and family in an emergency

4 Aug - Tony G - Very good examples of different situations, laughed and joked w/ each other, made class interesting corrected us when wrong, showed many scenarios. Nina G - As a female learning about guns it was an eye opening course/experience, I understand the importance of gun use, John was very detailed , keeping my attention the entire time, the short stories helped me understand the long drawn out penal codes, great job

28 July - Erin E - Very Good

21 July - Patty K -The instructor was very detailed, he welcomed feedback & acknowledgment of information offered, very interactive,  good tips on laws and shooting techniques.

30 June - Charlie S - It was good, learned a lot about safety rules and uses of weapons.

26 May - Rebacca H - Good detail of information & review of information, liked that the range was first, good handouts and info to take. Matt V - Very comprehensive and through, taught in a way that is easy to understand, knowledgeable and welcoming of questions. Don W - Enjoyable course with all the current information, very personable with a bit of humor!!.

28 Apr - Very informative and fun. Learned a lot and will not soon forget it..  Corey - Guy is funny and has loads of personal experience. Loves what he does and his family he protects

14 Apr- -The instructor was very knowledgeable & shared a lot of information. He was patient on explaining course material & working with you individually if you didn't understand or had any questions. I WOULD AND WILL RECOMMEND THIIS CLASS TO OTHERS!!!!

7 Apr - Denise S - Great class, he not only taught interesting, he gave the whys.My family had an interesting time. Lenore O - I would recommend this class againI like lots of specific facts and stories that related to the subject.. Good facility, enjoyed the class. Travis S - Class was great, had fun, quick and painless. Victor S - Mr. Roskosky was great, had a lot of fun & needs t.o change nothing, Keep up all the hard & good work.

31 Mar - Nancy S - Very knowledgeable, interesting & engaging, presented in an excellent manner. Takes time to explain everything. Would encourage anyone to take this class. Trevelyn S - The class had good information,, gave me good points for first responders, felt safe when live fire was happening.

17 Mar - Dennis A - Course was excellent, topics were covered and explained with clarity. James M - The class is very informative and well presented.

10 Mar - J. D. -The course was very informative and well taught. The pace was just right & I feel good about my knowledge I gained upon completion.  Harry B -Enjoyed the opportunity to be with and share information about gun safety and use. Going to the range for live fire proficiency was excellent, great experience, great people. Anthony L - Great job. Very informative, delivered the info clearly, was paced well & entertaining enough so it didn't become boring.

3 Mar - Thurman H - very good instructor, very good course, learned valuable information, worth my time.

2 Mar - Scott M - Class is awesome and I love how you present it, you kept us entertained and made learning enjoyable, Terri M - Very informative and very helpful instruction. Appreciate that it was not boring, 

18 Feb - Isaiah H - I really enjoyed this class, I had fun and learned more than I would with someone else.  John Roskosky is a great teacher and his hands on teaching is great

17 Feb - Alan M - Good informative class.

28 Dec - Very pleased with the class, range, and safety. Range was cold and wet but still good.

25 Nov - Brandy & Chris B - Course taught by John was very good, having never shot a gun before he made me feel comfortable in knowing what I was doing, before I fired all safety procedures were thourghly gone over. The do's and don's with expectations were laid out before we started. the information provided was very knowledgeable. The different scenarios and stories made the class more interesting

18 Nov - Range was great, class was good and informative.

4 Nov - Cheri P - I really enjoyed the LTC class put on by Mr. Roskosky, He was a very knowledgeable instructor and I learned many thing I did not know.  I will definitely recommend other for this class.  Great class!!!

28 Oct - Hector V - Mr. John is a great instructor, very informative, It is a great experience and overall just great. Melissa B - It was a good course for me, I feel confident that I know what I can and cannot do, I was confuse about the signage but now can clearly read them, stories shared kept the class interesting, would recommend this class for sure to anyone looking to get LTC.- Brian D - Through, well presented material, fun, informative gun range

21 Oct - Larry D - Very good instructor.

30 Sept - Stephanie K - Really great class! Very helpful and accommodating. I will definitely recommend you In the future. Jacob B - Extremely great class, very informative and always gave understandable answers to important questions.

11 Aug - T Greay - It was a good class because I got to shoot a gun. Ruben N - The class made me learn a lot about gun safety rules. I really liked this class, It wasn't hard at all

28 July - Jesus M - I fell help to know how handling a gun and all requirements by the law, also in which places is prohibited to carry a gun and good practice taken on the shooting range.

8 July - John L - Great course, very knowledgeable teaches how to be aware of your surroundings. Good course for beginners and experienced people

17 June - Saul v - Awesome class, specific on every topic, great time. Erika G - Very informative. Jared White - Very good class, professional training and very informative classroom instrutions, Instructor Roskosky is very fun to shoot with, makes the time fly, excellent training course

10 June - Americo C - Explains concepts and details very well, very patient, very pleasant, good natured.

3 June - Tom F - Course very informative & covered material needed. Instructor well spoken & very dedicated to his instruction, allowed plenty of time for discussion & Q&A.  Matt O - Great class Instructor very knowledgeable, presented the class very clear and precise.

27 May - Michael S - The course is very informative and perfect for beginners.  It teaches you gun safety, how to handle a gun as well as disassemble and cleaning the gun.  The gun range is a enjoyable experience as well.  I'd say I walked away with more knowledge about gun safety and handling than I had when I went in.  John S - Mr. Roskosky is an excellent instructor even I as a LTC holder learned a few tips from just listening to his instructions as he explained the course to my grandson.  My grandson told me on the way home that he enjoyed the class which surprised me since he was not looking forward to it. Thank you Mr. Roskosky for a job well done.

20 May - Mark S - Absolutely loved taking this course! John was very informative & knew the material very well. Course was offered at a very affordable price that did not cause me to break the bank.  Your are definitely educated on ALL rules & regulations regarding safety, shooting, & self defense.  Highly recommend! would definitely take again.

22 Apr - Adam H - Good class, will recommend to others, Arnold H - Goof class, good sense of humor and examples.

15 Apr (basic pistol)- Ashlyn T -This was my first gun course was very nervous & unsure, the instructor was very hands on and made me very comfortable​. He goes into detail about what you need to know with gun safety and handling. Highly recommend. Vanessa T - Really enjoyed the course, very glad I took the class, Instructor is very knowledgeable & personable. You feel very comfortable after completing the course, very basic & informational, not boring very interesting.

2 Apr (basic Pistol)- Joe R - Mr. Roskosky was through and very fun to work with, very enjoyable and knowledgeable about gun safety and use of firearms, Linda G - Good class, very informative. John is very knowledgeable about everything having to do with gun use, safety, cleaning and maintaining guns. he keeps class interesting & enjoyable

1 Apr - Allen M - You did a great job!!, Darwin M - I enjoyed the class, great job teaching it, Ronnie F - Enjoyed the class & the stories that came with it. Very knowledgeable on the information being trained on.

18 Mar - Cindie M- This class is well prepared, the presentation of the class is excellent, had fun at the gun range even if I was nervous, a very great instructor, loved having you as my instructor. Larry M - Very good class, informative & understandable, I would recommend this class to other people

11 Mar - Rovisha F- Class was very good. Covered safety on gun use, material offered was very useful. Instructors used illustrations to make you more aware of the content presented, will recommend to others. Ronnie F - It was a good educational course, very friendly instructor, explains situations very well & gives good examples, Very knowledgeable about guns, the rules, the laws and most importantly the safety of everyone and the safety of the guns.

4 Mar - Daniel H - The course was good, learned a lot about gun safety & rules, safety first, how to use and control your gun, Joe H -  The course was very informative & John did an exceptional job blending past experiences into practical application. As a refresher course, I was pleasantly surprised to revisit the state laws with such depth and insight, WELL DONE!

14 Feb (Basic Pistol class) - Steve Z - Instructor is very good at explaining the safety and responsibility of owning a firearm and on how to use a firearm, I enjoyed the class very much, Savannah Z - Amazing class, we got through the course quicker than expected, teaches great and explains everything fast yet precisely, The  instructor is nice with a great attitude

11 Feb - Mr. Roskosky has provided a very open class LTC course. He clarified any questions on gun laws that were asked.  His focus on safety & protection of your loved ones is truly genuine.  His ability to make things understandable and personal is a real benefit to attending his course. I will suggest Guns Done Right to anyone I know. Thanks!

4 Feb - George M - Very informative course, well presented, kept attention of class, very professional will recommend this class & instructor to anyone needing or wanting their LTC, Dylan B - John was a great instructor, he was very detailed and clear with giving all of the information without being repetitive. I will definitely refer friends and family to his course.

14 Jan - Courtney W - Enjoyed the class, very knowledgeable instructor, very educational, Shirl A - Very interesting & informative clss, glad we came, good teacher he kept my interest, thanks for making it fun.

7 Jan - Brett P - Good class, very informational, NOT BORING, Deb P - Lots of good information, easy to understand, good clarification, great job of keeping everyone's interest, examples were used to make explanations easy to understand, did a good job of not making anyone feel stupid for not knowing answers, kept class engaged, Gaylen J - I leave knowing much more than I did when I came, especially since as for experience with pistols is limited, enjoyable class, Zack K - Great class, informational, I will recommend this class to anyone interested in not only obtaining a LTC but those interested in learning how to properly handle a firearm, Larry C - The class was excellent, very easy to follow along and personable.

31 Dec - Stephanie T - Good class, very straight forward & easy to understand, even for someone with zero gun knowledge - Bobby M - Enjoyed the class, the instructor was well informed, learned how to use & aim the pistol at gun range, made me feel comfortable and the range and in class, will tell family & friends about the class, John T - Very detailed presentation, while made easy through examples & general information, John made the class very interesting, James H - Very good class! I will recommend you to my friends, I didn't fall asleep once.

23 Dec - Duke G - Excellent course, good instructor. 

17 Dec - Craig L - John Roskosky is the #1 LTC training in Texas, James H - John's class is very informative, learned a lot, great hands on at the shooting range, he is very knowledgeable. Will recommend his class to friends an family, Grace R - Love the relaxed environment I felt we could really interact with both the instructor and students. A lot of good information, very well presented in a way I was able to retain it.

3 Dec - Eric A - Great job to Guns Done Right, I'll definitely suggest this to others, Jennifer A - We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed learning and felt very comfortable on the range, Brent E - enjoyed the stories and real life experiences - enjoyed the early shooting - you controlled the gun range. felt safe even though a lot of us were close together.

1 Nov - Paige D - I really enjoyed the class, you explained everything in a way I could understand, James D - Instructor is knowledgeable of material  and promotes safety first, Kept instruction light with short breaks, covered all material required, ensuring all information to pass test was covered, Vickie D - very informative, knowledgeable takes time to answer questions, no pressure

22 Oct - Steve C - Very happy with the class, M Coleman - I was uneasy about taking the class, but as a result, John's patience and expertise I feel more comfortable around and using guns, Thank you for your continued service to our country. I learned a great deal, Tracie C - Excellent flow & training. The day went by quickly. Thank You John.

8 Oct - A Rodriguez - I really enjoyed e class John taught me a lot about shooting fundamentals and understanding the laws, it was a really a nice learning experience.

3 Sept - M Botello-Mancuso - I enjoyed the class it was very helpful to me and the class - M Korenek - Class was very informative, Instructor kept the class interesting and was very knowledgeable, a very good class to take - S Williams - Class was very well organized, instructor was very knowledable and stories were relevant, Highly recommend this class to others

27 Aug - R Strebeck - Course was very good, I learned some important facts about carry laws, All questions were answered that I asked.

20 Aug - A Beall - The class was great, information was good and presented well, I will recommend this class to anyone looking to get their LTC.

13 Aug - K Rupley -Course was very informative, I picked up some good, safe ways to handle firearms, I was made aware of all of the laws regarding carrying & concealed, class size was small making it great - J Hobbs - great class simple to understand, easy to pass and very helpful, would take it again if I could, fantastic instructor, funny, worth the time, the shooting was very fun & exciting, confidence building.

6 Aug - A Miller- Great class, very informative, John is a good instructor - T McPeek - Class was very informative, was thourgrhly explained, overall very good - S Brooks - I really enjoyed my class and shooting range, my husband and I can now go to the range together, I can now protect myself and my family, My husband is proud that I came without him - B Stephens - very good, good time, good instructor - completely enjoyed th class from start to finish, instructor is well prepared, will completely recommend the course to others. 

J30 July - T Arroyoarroyo - Great training, very knowledgeable and experienced instructor in a relaxed atmosphere - L sauced - very knowledge about the topic, used language that I understood - M Chavez - very informative, I learned a lot, thank you for all the situations & scenarios - E Olivias - Enjoyed the class, very informative and I felt comfortable with the instructor,I  was very hesitant but enjoyed the confidence you displayed throughout the course. 

23 July - M Short - Very informative, high safety concerns, worth every penny - V Escobar - Mr. Roskosky was very knowledgeable and up to date on gun laws as well as very patient throughout the entire class - A Meadow - Instructor is very accommodating with the students, goes back and explains some thing over until everyone understands the subject, very good at what he does.

16 July - Good educational course, entertaining.

2 July - O Jackson - Very informative and enjoyable, I will recommend to anyone! - C Jackson - Course was taught in a good, concise, easily understood manner, instructor was very amicable, put everyone at ease  -  D Gonzalez - well teached, explained everything clearly, what needed to be important & understood well explained- J Johnson - John was a great instructor, very friendly and informative. I will definitely recommend this course and instructor for others to take.

25 June - R Maura - Good class all the way!

4 June- C Clinton - very well prepared, answered all questions and very insightful, highly recommend to others - S Clinton - Great course! the personal stories and interaction helped me understand and not make the time drag by, very much enjoyed the knowledge and will refer to family and friends, thank you. 

28 MAY - J Magee - Well presented subject matter, questions were discussed & explained fully, very enjoyable - C Fleming, truly enjoyed the class, very knowledgeable & helpful, enjoyed the stories & made me smile, highly recommend your class to everyone - C Magee - Provided pertinent information regarding concealed and open carry laws, delivery of course material/concepts were presented in a way that keeps the student engaged, this is an excellent course & I highly recommend it to any/all who own a weapon.

21 May - c Sullivan - Class was great, enjoyed it!

14 May - R Martin - Exceptional class, very informative, instructor was great - P Mc Gee - Great instructor, understands people, laws and course instruction, very knowledgeable about guns, laws, etc. A lot of experience.

7 May - J Brown -  Course was informative and well done, something good to know even if you don't carry.

26 MAR - S LAMPE - John was very informative, knowledgeable, and patient.  Lots of inside information that will be useful. Will recommend this course and instructor to others most definitely

19 MAR - K Miranda - Very easy and understandable, even for a novice with hardly any experience - R Pena - Very well taught class, very relaxed atmosphere, very knowledgeable instructor, answered all and any questions - L Pena - Class was very informative, John took extra time as needed to explain everything, Loved the stories and jokes, Thank you for the class - A Pena - Excellent course and very informative, material presented in a very easy to understand format. 

8 MAR - l Sobczak - Outstanding, instruction to the point, clear concise, covered relevant topics in a timely manner, range ran safely

27 FEB - B Bohenrt - Excellent course, well taught with humor and expertise, easy to comprehend, very professional at the range - D Clark - Excellent, good, clear instructions, safety first attitude, very professional, John has a good sense of humor.

20 FEB - M HIGGINS - I will tell all my friends about the class, the shooting part was very exciting.

13 FEB - S MALONE - Informative & interesting at the same time, Mr. Roskosky makes it that way with his teaching, I recommend this class taught by Mr. Roskosky any day, not intimidating, just real stuff.

30 JAN - R DAVIS - Everyone was treated with respect and care, I will gladly recommend the class & instructors! 

16 JAN - W Garland - I enjoyed the course, I thought we got a lot of goon information that is very important if you are going to carry a gun, B Dellamea -  This was an informative class, I felt that everything was presented in a way that everyone could understand, D Mican - Great course and learned lost of good information, will recommend course to others.

9 JAN - S Rogers - very fun course and enjoyable, will suggest to others, G Rogers - a very well planned course, will recommend the course to my friends, also will get wife to attend, M Arias - I will highly recommend his class to others, made  sure that everybody was on the right track and that everybody was safe at the range, J Arias Jr. - everything I needed to know was brought up and any question I had was answered fully, B Bferazeale - Made my confidence level increase, had fun on the range, only one to score 250!, J Arias - I would like to thank John for this dedication and for teaching our class today, job well done, J Faries - Great course! made it fun, easy, & educational, definitely gonna recommend to friends.

2 JAN - A MERCADO -Instructor was superb on all aspects; I never do well in staying awake in classroom settings but he was great and very informative, superb on safety, S JAMES - class was very professional and informative, will probably sit in again when my wife takes class because I missed one question, K Holt - lots of very good & useful information, enjoyed the teaching style, well taught!, B Holt - learned a lot I didn't know, still a lot to learn, Instructor did a good job, 

19 DEC - Lisa - Great training, will definitely share my experience with friends and co-workers, R Allen - John & Jerry were very through teachers very knowledgeable, will recommend the class to anyone, J Allen - I liked the c lass, will recommend to others, there is lots of info to learn and well communicated.

12 DEC - L Kane -Excellent course, John was very clear in the instruction, easy to follow and fun, I would highly recommend this course to anyone, L Clark - GOOD111 NOT MEDIOCRE!, THANK YOU, D Richards - Outstanding course and instructor, C Ryder - Course was very informative and fun, J Wilkinsn - Course very interesting and informative, instructor very knowledgeable, kept class interesting, very good class, enjoyed the class.

28 NOV - P Donham - Enjoyed the class, instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject, both field range and classroom are excellent, Class was effective, very informative, instructor explained with effective information, Enjoyed.

14 Nov - J Diaz - Very friendly, understandable instruction, I am inexperienced and was able to follow - thank you, E Diaz - Great class, very good, I would recommend other people to take this course, G Guadamuz -Great course! 

24 Oct - P Davis - Excellent class, plenty of very useful information, I would highly recommend this CHL class, S Davis - Excellent class, I was scared of taking the class as I haven't around guns, just started shooting, I will recommend it to any body. great instructor, thanks!, T Terrell - It was a very great course, I was really nervous about the test taking side of it but Mr. Roskosky made it really easy to understand the laws, I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get their CHL, thank you again Mr. Roskosky.

17 Oct - M Yackel - Good job by a Marine instructor enjoyed being a CHL recipient, couldn't have been more expedient, ​T Higgins - Great class, thanks for the additional support and attention, S Willenbarger - Good course, I enjoyed the friendliness and approachability of our instructor, D Willenbarger - Very good class instructor make class enjoyable, S Leach - The instructor was very well educated on the subject and provided good practical examples & experiences.

19 Sept -K Payne - Very good class, I would recommend to anyone.

12 Sept- P Moons - Instructor was through, courteous, very instructive, R Hamlin - Excellent program, very informative. The teacher (John Roskosky  was excellent. I recommend his class to anyone, G Nordstrom - Very helpful & courteous at gun range, Course was enhanced by his recollections, explained laws from practical viewpoint, W Rickman - Greatly enjoyed the class and instructor, E Nordstrom - Course was fine

5 Sept - J Barker - Instructor did an outstanding job in training. Very good in explaining all the laws and safety of CHL, K Hines - Very informative course instructor was great. Leaned a lot and really enjoyed the course, would recommend it to anyone, J Mahauier - Great course, enjoyed the stories behind the scenes. John is very friendly & made the course fun Will recommend others to the course here, L Mahauier - Very informative and enjoyable. Would recommend this class to others, Ladies should attend as well.

22 Aug - R Perez - Class was through and educational, Learned a lot of great information what will protect me & my family, Ca Comley - I so thoroughly enjoyed the class. I learned so much information and felt at ease. I was so nervous coming into this. I feel I have the knowledge & skill to protect myself & family, Ch Comley - I thought the class was well instructed and informative. Mr Roskosky was very friendly & helpful. I found him to be quite enjoyable & likable. Glad we chose him & would definitely recommend him & his class to anyone, P Hill - I thoroughly enjoyed this class. John was very informative and very funny & kept us entertained, where we kept us listening.

15 Aug - R Macias - 5 star rating! It was great! I'm really glad I got to learn from someone with so much educational AND firearms experience as well. I'm very satisfied and feel much more comfortable with gun safety and laws, S Macias - Thank you so much for your class! I recognize I still have a lot to learn acquiring the gun laws, but I feel like I'm well on my way. Thanks a lot! I will recommend your class!!!, C Pate - Great course- very informative and helpful. I will be recommending this course to others!, D Merrit - Very professional, great presentation and keeping it professional, keeps safety as the FIRST PRIORITY!

1 Aug - D Scherdin - The CHL class I took was very informative, educational and a all around great learning experience.  The instructor is a very good teacher - had the patience to teach.

11 July - Ka Davis - Very good course, I have learned how to use a gun safely & to take care of my family, C Davis - Thank you for such a great lesson on gun safety. I feel very confident that I will apply what was taught in class to my everyday life. Your were very through with your instruction, Ke Davis- This class was engaging, fun, and professionally presented. The qualifying part was expertly done. John made the class interesting and informative, well worth the time and money, W Davis - Great stories to back up course information. Very personable, knowledgeable, & helpful, J Davis - Class was awesome! John is a great instructor, He presents the course in a way that makes it very easy to absorb, Great job.

27 June- J Henry - Well taught & organized, knowledgeable & experienced instructor; makes inexperienced learners comfortable; patient, through & clear with instructions on the range & in class, I will recommend this class & instructor to family & friends, S Jewell - Course went very well, very informative, learned a lot I did not know before, very good teaching technique in class and on the range, I would do it again

20 June - M Fletcher - Very informative! Lots of information and very well versed. Will recommend to new customers, T Fletcher - Course was taught extremely well and thoroughly, I will recommend to anybody wanting their CHL, R Schmoker- I enjoyed the in depth material, gun range was excellent, very professional. I will definitely pass this class on to others.

6 June - K Wauson - Very good course, realized I knew more than I thought, Learned a lot-very well presented, Good class with good information and knowledge

10 Mar - I like how the instructor went over the safety rules before going to the gun range-also allowed some practice of holding the gun to provide some comfort to the student, Instructor covers curse material very thoroughly - Great class, very interesting with good flow and making items reliable to everyday scenario, enjoyed extra information on TLS and ammunition, very reasonable time spent on modules, highly recommend to others, really appreciate ti, thanks.- Liked the way class was held & info presented, most importantly safety emphasized throughout the session, very knowledgeable instructor

7 Mar - G McDearmont - Loved the course, efficient instruction, effective teaching and examples.  Made it very clear how to shoot and thoroughly explained laws regarding CHL. K Dekenipp - I was well informed in the class, learned not to panic when gun doesn't fire correctly. I will recommend this class to my friends. A Dekenipp - Asks good questions and interacts well, recommend to anyone wanting to get their CHL. L Krampota - Very good presentation, Used many real life experiences & examples to explain different laws regarding gun use. Ample time for breaks and questions. Safety was of utmost importance when on gun range. Enjoyable and informative in every aspect. Thanks!

28 Feb- Basic Pistol - K Dekemipp - I enjoyed the class, learned a lot, now I feel at ease using my firearm.  The class taught me more than I thought I would learn from a class, very informative. A Dekenipp - Very informative, good presentation and interactive, recommend to anyone wanting to get familiar with a handgun. 

21 Feb- CHL - Cy Bruce - I enjoyed the CHL course because I am not very experienced with handguns, but Mr. Roskosky made me feel comfortable. I really learned a lot, and feel much more at ease with a handgun now. Co Bruce - Great course, very informative and entertaining, well done presentation and eductional.

31 Jan - CHL - C Snodgrass - Excellent course! John is a very professional, safety focused instructor who made every part of the course interesting, informative and enjoyable.  Great delivery of all materials.

24 Jan - CHL - D Rienck - Very good!!!

10 Jan - CHL- J Boudreaux - Mr. Roskosky was very helpful in the CHL course, I would recommend his class to anyone who is serious about guns & gun safety.

27 Dec - CHL- T Bates-Pleasant well informed class. L Gordon- Appreciated the sense of humor, professionalism & attention to the students both in class and at the range, instructor made sure the class was prepared. N Jolivet- This was a great class, I am a first time shooter, the best part was the practice session at the range.

13 Dec - CHL - Ju Tiller- Enjoyed the class! Felt very comfortable asking questions and for more detailed explanations, feel more comfortable about carrying and using deadly force in a dangerous situation. Je Tiller - Great class, good information and answered all questions with great detail, would recommend to anyone.

7 DEC - Basic pistol -Ju Tiller - Very patient and informative. I felt very comfortable asking questions, will recommend to my friends and family. Je Tiller - Good course, good basic information, great knowledge of firearms, safety, and uses.

22 Nov - d Anderson - incredible class, very,very informative,examples increased the learning of the class, I now have the ability to be comfortable and aware of what it takes to have a CHL and owning and use of a weapon, It was fun also. C Anderson - Instructor is very knowledgeable in both safety and laws relating to weapons use and ownership. Many demos and verbal stories, engaged the class by asking questions of the students, very experienced in his work & passionate about educating people for responsible ownership of weapons.

8 Nov - J Scott - Great job, well paced, never rushed, very comfortable & informative. H Weathers - Great examples & aids, good pace of lecture, felt a little rushed on the range. L Polk - Fantastic class, concise and clear, interesting & actually fun. C Hamlin - Very well organized & as a first time shooter I received help in loading & handling my weapon. The laws under CHL were explained well and gone over several times for clarification. F Barton - Very informative, really enjoyed this class. D Law - very good course, well managed, great for inexperienced gun owners. ??? - Great class, very professional & helpful, does a through job, A class "A" instructor.

1 Nov - A Gomez - Good fun class, very funny, enjoyed the class. L Sweetin - Great class! Enjoyed it and learned a lot, very knowledgeable and great at teaching the lessons, will definitely give your cards to friends. C Strambler - The course was very helpful.  L liked everything about it.  I is real fun, the instructor made it easy for everybody to understand the lesson.  I would recommend everybody to take this class if they are getting their CHL.

25 Oct- C Volbuam - Really liked how the class & range was presented, liked going to range in the morning & then coming back to preform class activities.  T Volbuam - The course was very informative & interesting, great teaching skills. S Banda - Most knowledgeable of his subject material, excellent instructor, makes it understandable. T Banda I consider this an excellent CHL class.  Instructor was very knowledgeable and I highly recommend the class.

18 Oct- A Benvides - Very good! Very informative & easy to follow presentation, all tools provided in class to learn were a great help to absorb the information(handbook, power point, discussion, stories explaining the points all helped to learn the points.  The structure of the class was great especially for my beginner status!!  G Benavides - Everything was fine, explained everything real good, had patience with us, I had a good learning experience.

20 Sept - J Johnson - Good course, great instructor, very safety oriented on range, thanks for coming in to do a one on one. Made the course interesting.

2 AUG - Good job, thank you very much -  Excellent course, kept the presentation interesting, great to encourage discussion and questions, great assistant - Very informative class by a knowledgeable instructor, will readily recommend others to take the class - John did very good teaching this class  very helpful and patient with students - this course was good and informative, I have no complaints - good job covering the material we needed to pass the course -well prepared, good command of material, kept it interesting - well organized, concisely taught, mostly common sense information, but a good reminder, learned a lot about my responsibility as a CHL license holder.

14 June - Ri Bundick - Enjoyed the class, informative, to the point & relaxed atmosphere. Ro Bundick - Class was very informative and presented well. The instructor was willing to listen and answer questions presented by the students, enjoyed the class.

10 May - A Camacho - I was very pleased and learned from this class. Very informative, great Pace. It is nice to have an instructor that knows more than just the legal gun course. D Guill - Class is excellent, material understandable or made understandable by instructor, he made the class fun. J Perez - I thought the class was great. I did not know what to expect coming into this. You did a great job going step by step on everything. I expected it to be good just based off my initial call to you,you were nice and took time to answer all questions.

15 Mar - D Page- Very informative Instructor, using the range in the morning after safety is a very effective method. Small class room environment is very effective method. - D Duffey -  I love your course, in fact I will be recommending your course to the rest of my family. - P Bodden - Mr. Roskosky was very informative about the laws, very friendly, was a very engaging & educational class. I would recommend it to anyone whether just a beginner or someone skilled.

9 Mar - C Heinig - I had never shot a gun in my life and was afraid of them. I took the basic pistol class with John. He gave me so much needed information, instruction & finally confidence to handle a gun. With the knowledge the fear disappeared, with practice I will gain more confidence. John is friendly, patient and answered all my questions. I hope to take the CHL course in the future.

15 Feb - A Mann - I was really nervous about the CHL class because I was unsure what to expect However I learned more than I ever thought I could, the class was easy to follow and fun. Don't change a thing! - P Willy - Very informative about the laws, enjoyed the class.

 2 Feb 2014 - NRA Basic class - J lowry - Very good information & safety for the beginner in gun usage. I enjoyed the class very much. - B Maust - great good pace, easy to understand and I didn't know a thing about guns. - M Bates - Very interesting, clear instruction even without shooting, informative information.

1 Feb 2014 - D Rador - I am a certified military small arms instructor on active duty. John was an awesome instructor. The CHL course was well paced & very informative. It was a pleasure taking the course. -JD Paze - You have a good sense of humor, a great way of teaching this class. I did not see anything that could improve it. You make everything clear and accurate.

28 Sept - Y Mintz - Great instructor, non-intimidating, knowledgeable with a heavy focus on safety, J Osborne - John did a fantastic job on the training course. I learned some new information about the CHL, P Valdepena - Excellent course and Instructor, a must for people who want to defend themselves, D Valdepena - This course was better than I had hoped for! Very straight forward instruction in the class and on the gun range. Was informational while being fun.  Instructor and assistant were patient and helpful while being very reassuring.